UNICEF promotes the rights and wellbeing of every child, in everything we do. Together with our partners, we work in 190 countries and territories to translate that commitment into practical action, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children, to the benefit of all children, everywhere.

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At least 3,700 children in West Africa have lost one or both parents to #Ebola since the start of the outbreak. Children like 13-year-old Francis from Sierra Leone, who has lost his parents, sister and grandmother to the disease. Meet Francis and learn how a UNICEF supported centre is caring for him and his five-year-old sister Rose: http://uni.cf/10kpPza

Last chance to apply! Want to work for children’s rights and have 2-5 years of professional experience? Check out our New and Emerging Talent Initiative (NETI), an entry point into UNICEF for dynamic professionals. Closing on September 23: http://uni.cf/1lzxnaE

This has saved the lives of 100 million children. But 17,000 children are still dying each day, mainly from preventable causes. 

The world needs to step up to end preventable child deaths. Find out how we do it in the new #Promise4Children report: http://uni.cf/APR2014

The day-by-day spread of Ebola, made with information from Healthmap.org. Here’s how we’re working to halt the spread of this deadly disease.

The day-by-day spread of Ebola, made with information from Healthmap.org. Here’s how we’re working to halt the spread of this deadly disease.

Books, pencils, playgrounds, crayons – not all children will have access to these things going back to school. But they will be exposed to violence: http://uni.cf/1AbEGqt

Violence against children is everywhere. But it is not inevitable. 
Read our unprecedented new report on #ENDviolence and find out why it’s in our hands to stop it: http://uni.cf/endviolence

During the last 48 hours, at least 9 Palestinian ‪#‎children‬ were killed in ‪#‎Gaza‬, out of a total of 469 since 8 July.

Find out how we’re helping children and their families survive and cope: http://uni.cf/1uY1USX

Tomorrow, August 9, is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Too many indigenous children are missing out on their basic rights to education and are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Let’s change that! #IndigenousDay

#Breastfeeding provides the best and most sustainable start in life – it’s a basic right of every child. Support breastfeeding mothers in your community! http://uni.cf/1o9u48U

“Another school in Gaza has come under fire, killing more children in a conflict where such an outrage has become commonplace. 

“For 23 days, too many children in Gaza have lived with fear and desperation. Water taps have run dry and raw sewage is running in the streets, while health workers try to save lives with little electricity and insufficient medicines. At least 245 children have been killed since the conflict began.

“For 23 days, children in Israel have lived with the threat of indiscriminate attacks targeting their homes and neighborhoods. 

“What hope is there for these children – and their societies – if adults no longer live up to their responsibility to protect them? What are these children learning about how to behave when they are adults?

“For the sake of children, all sides to this conflict must come to their senses, permit humanitarian workers to aid those in need, and agree to end these attacks. Now, before more innocent lives are lost – including the most innocent of all, the very young.” 

-Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director